Get into a fight – Learn 2 quick techniques that strengthen your life

Is your life full of struggle? Are you constantly finding friction when you try to do something, even when it's good? Do you work better to get the simplest things? There are many struggles in life; so how can you let them go and allow life to move with effort and well-being? Below are two simple methods that allow you to skip the fight and help you direct your energy.

1. Learn breathing methods; Many times when struggles occur in our lives, we find tension in our bodies and our breath becomes short and primitive. This type of respiration is not conducive to stress release. Learn how to stop what you're doing when tension comes up, just for a while and take a few deep breaths. The acid entering the body will lead you to more concentration and focus, enabling you to see the solution easier.

2. Create a statement that will make a positive statement in the current moment. When problems arise in your life, and they want to, do not allow yourself to dive head first into negative thoughts about your condition. This only links resistance to the problem. Instead, say your affirmation and breathe deeply, using this technology will open up the positive opportunities that will emerge and allow the problem to work itself.

Life is never without struggle, conflict or friction, even people who practice and live there by spiritual law, have negative experiences. The difference is that they use methods to skip the fight and go through it without submitting it.


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