Here we grow again! A great deal of falsehood we have been living with

"Science, my boy is out of mistakes, but they are mistakes that it is useful to do, because they do little to the truth."

… Jules Verne, Journey to the Earth Center, 1864

Science has only recently discovered that some of the assumptions we have made to be the truth over the last 150 years are actually false assumptions. Nature is great.

Historically, nature has been based on a model "Survival of the strongest" later seen as "Survival of the fittest." Charles Darwin saw nature as a world struggle and he interpreted the world through that lens. He said certain species of animals would prevail over others.

But guess what? !! The best science of the 21st century states that nature is based on a model referred to in biology as "mutual assistance and cooperation".

We followed Darwin's theory, and many of our current systems have been based on this "live of subtle" principles. Mankind has been conditioned to view the world with this lens.

Competition and violent competition happen and we certainly see it in our world. However, this has now been affected by deviations from the real nature of living systems! And the more violent … it shows you how far we have reduced the deepest truths of nature to "co-operation and mutual assistance".

The corporations that are buckling under the way they have been taken are now collapsing. Indeed, how we solve international problems is a good example of these assumptions that we have all undergone.

But as we once thought the world was flat and this man could never run a mile in less than four minutes and it was proven wrong … then we now have the opportunity to take back the dummy again consciousness!

So, here we grow again. Mankind has a great learning career.

Peace is as a viable alternative to choice because when we work together to create what we need as nations and what we need to tie together as a human family, a community that is much stronger than when we fight each other.

And that's good. For all mankind.


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