How to be happy? 7 Secret happiness

What is happiness?

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being and pleasure. It is characterized by positive or fun emotions such as joy, pleasure and good fortune. It's something we all want to have in life and search through a variety of activities such as work and leisure time or with friends and family. Some of us indulge in behaviors that can only have temporary happiness such as drugs, alcohol, and other pleasures.

Sigmund Freud, the founder of the psychiatrist, claims that the only purpose of life agrees to be happy even though this is impossible within civilization because our normal drive is suppressed by an outside world he called reality. Civilization gives us security and protection, but strips us our creativity and ourselves to enjoy things.

Are your daily habits holding you back, suppressing your creativity and killing your motivation? Maybe you feel discouraged and depressed at home, work or in business. If your negative feelings have affected your life and you are curious about the freedom of personal freedom that benefits your spiritual well-being, unlike Freud, you may be looking for the miracle of evil.

Many of the clients I work with in my group training programs need to be more fulfilled, they want to find something more valuable and have a desire to be more content in their work and personal life. So what are the secrets of happiness?

The 7 Secrets to Happiness

1) Develop Your Self-Esteem – If you are not happy with who you are inside make changes to the outside often become short. Work yourself and evaluate who you are. It is impossible for you to be like someone else and still feel authentic. Discover your unique gifts and qualities to embrace who you are.

2) Facial suffering. Instead of turning off difficult things, we need to deal with them first. This will give you more energy in other things in your life without fear of being threatening in the background. If this is a difficult or complicated matter to put them off, it will often make your suffering worse. Take the first steps and decide to no longer delay or avoid suffering.

3) Treat with anger, hatred and anxiety – hold negative feelings about yourself or others like drinking poison every day. It will destroy everything you do. Deciding to forgive, this does not mean you have to trust them or spend time with them every day. However, there is a decision not to keep any previous mistakes.

4) Sharing relationships with others – people need to connect with others through relationships. Strengthen your relationship with your spouse, children, family, friends or neighbors. Recognize that they are special and play an important role in your life by making more time for them. Your voluntary volunteering time or participating in a community that connects to a wider community can be incredibly rewarding.

5) Meditation for your inner being. Daily relaxation and deep breathing in just 15 minutes can matter. It can be a powerful and deep way of connecting to greater consciousness and compassion for life. Being grateful in your inner being strengthens you and puts you in a much quieter and more peaceful position.

6) Diet and exercise – commit to reducing the amount of sugar, fat and processed foods you eat each week. A simple thing to do right away is replaced by white whole grain carbohydrates such as brown rice, wholegrain pasta or bread. They release energy slowly and give you natural energy better than Redbull. Exercise every day, even if it's just walking for 30 minutes, will release the endorphin and give you an energy boost.

7) Refresh yourself with positive things. Avoid listening to the news or the weather forecast first is not refreshing to suffer negativity when you start the day. Instead, try daily celebrations or positive quotes, something that will raise your mood first thing in the morning. If you get into the habit of focusing on the right things before you leave the house, you start your day right.


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