How to transform perfection into the mood

It just doesn't feel good when you go out to plant the garden and you are frozen with anxiety over what should be planned there. Or you want color and anxiety to get it just right allows you to curl in a ball and cry. The thought of not getting it just perfectly stops you in your songs every time. For some perfection, the only thing that stops them and they may not even know it. You can change these feelings:

I'm just lazy, that's what everyone keeps telling me.

I can't sing a key so what's the matter?

I'll just get it wrong anyway, why are you trying once?

Remember that playing is an important part of life and we were never meant to make it perfect for the first time. Doing things we love just because we love them and don't worry about whether it is perfect or not is the issue.

Here are some keys to moving past the perfectionist into creativity:

Buy big boxes of colors and choose a coloring book that lets you smile.

Make a cup of tea and take your favorite, fast and fun music.

Before you color down, go to the music, shake your body, look at the music deep in you. Go ahead, no one is watching, having fun. Even if you only swing a little, move your body to the music. There is no right or wrong way, just move.

When this song is finished, any type of music is turned off.

Sit on your favorite spot in your home, patio or garden.

Now comes the fun part. Open the coloring book at random. It is the page you will color. You can do this; you can really just remember this is playing.

Close your eyes, choose spices, and it's the first colorful thing you use.

When your eyes are closed, put your finger down on the page in your coloring book. That's what you're about to color with that colorful one. Go ahead and look for a spot now.

Now close your eyes again and select another color and location from the page. Continue until the entire page is beautifully colored. It will look amazingly funny. That's the point. There is no wrong or right way to color. It is to remember our childish self who just wants to play and have fun.

Next time you find yourself a day queen about the tasks you want to do and start to feel too familiar with anxiety, remember the day you looked in the cruel picture; Remember, this is just for fun.

You can tell you, "This is for me, it doesn't have to be perfect."

Allow yourself to make mistakes or even make mistakes with purpose. Allow you to draw beyond the lines. Allow you to smile and have fun.

Let you explore all the many creative ideas that you have stopped doing in the past. Even if you take child numbers, they will add up until one day, you have to realize that you are not afraid to create anything. Creating has really become something fun, calming, relaxing, meditative, loving, fun, and wonderful.


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