Meeting New People – Make Great First Vision

How do you make a good first impression, and how do you make a very good first impression?

Does it start with hello?

Logically you say yes of course; like Hello, Hi, Hola, Ola, Bon Jour, Dias Buenas and many other greetings are usually the first sound and words we express to others.

In fact, the first impression is long before the first word is published.

There has been a long-known study on the effectiveness of communication:

7% Word, 38% Concert, 55% Body (under conscious awareness)

If this study is accurate then there is a huge 55% – 93% anyone will "pick up" on you intuition, emotional or energy level before you even have the opportunity to talk to them. Remember, when you have a smile in a perfect stranger just because …?

How does body language and ultra-emotional and emotional intelligence give people the opportunity to get to know you intuitively and decide if they like you or even if they want to say hello … without knowing you?

"The meaning of things is not in the things themselves but in our attitude towards them." – Saint-Exupery, The Wisdom of the Sands

Making a good first impression, it's amazing and amazing how much we can perceive each other through our presentation, our beliefs, how we dress and expressions we have on our face. You might say "I just had this feeling …"

How can you tell if someone had a bad day? What's to say rumors?
The tumors decreased, head hanging low, sad or angry looking at their faces. There are people who see, when they enter the room, as they come with a "black cloud" of darkness. They may be busy, not paying attention or busy on a call or just "lost in their own thoughts."

A person who is happy, charismatic or interested gives a very different character and you will get a very different first vision. What are the characteristics of this person?

Hopefully, happy, attractive and present at the moment?

Jumping in the step, the bright smile, even if they are in the phone, they are pleasant to others by talking directly to them. Do you know someone who has the ability to spice up the whole room when they come in … just by the energy caused by their appearance or new or healthy glow.

What first impression do you want the project to affect your family, friends, customers, and members each time you enter the room and before you say hello?

What kind of energy, enthusiasm and emotional intelligence are you looking for in relationships and the team you build around you?

You may have heard this testimony from Ralph Waldo Emerson – "Whoever you speak so loudly, I don't hear what you say."

You can read that when emotions are high, then the intelligence is low and the inverse is true, when the information component IQ is high emotional intelligence EQ, is low.

How to get a good balance of intellectual and emotional intelligence so that you can be passionate, brilliant, quick, charismatic and create a very good first impression. What skills do you have the ability to be interested, consistent, receptive and non-responsive?

So you always have a good first impression when you're excited and charismatic before you say hello!

To become aware, alert and mindful of the impressions and effects people make on each other, it is useful to understand the different levels of energy and emotional information and how it affects your world.


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