My favorite teacher

I can't remember the name of the sixth grade of the teacher, but that was my favorite year in school. As a new student, this could be scary but I watched each day in the classroom.

This teacher was so creative, there was no clinical struggle I remember. I do not know if teachers today can enter external furniture but I am glad we have enjoyed it since (1976).

At that time there were lockers in the classroom that had previously gone into disturbance in the hallway. Classrooms also had their own bathroom which also prevented unconscious problems.

We didn't use a desk. We had set up table groups. Each group chose a name. The tablets were made from large surrounding wooden cable tapes just the right size. Each one had a blanket around the spool and bottom. Decorative contact paper line over the surface.

Each group was given its own panel for decorating. We had weekly competitions. At Christmas, my table won citizenship, and our prize was giant sweets. We got a hammer to break it up so we could share it.

I do not remember certain lessons but then do not use iPads or computers. Teachers did the teaching. Today, when I am teaching instead, the lesson usually consists of an explanation where students say they sign in to their iPad and already know what to do. They do it for eight hours. There is no communication. I suppose the day is different when a virtual teacher is present, but the iPad seems to be replacing the lesson.

I was very shy as a child but when I arrived at my new school I started to shine. I started working on singing, winning posters and talent competitions, citizenship and developing friendships. I volunteered in a special classroom.

When I read stories of the minimum income environment of school challenges, I think that since I came from before, it was named. I know teachers need to use the classroom, but neither does the answer have to be silent with perfect students.

With creativity, participation and student participation in creating their environment, the classroom can be a daily adventure to look forward to. Imagine what the school might look like if students were excited about it? I think I can better get this certification if I want to use that creativity.


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