Reality versus Illusion – Real Essences and their absence

In the spirit of the resource plan, we talk about the essence and deviation. The essence is the "stations" and "# 39; spirits that are independent of our thinking and have a special vibration and intelligence. The essences form the subject of all born births. Everything in creation is based on this essence to varying degrees. core elements (called their anomalies) are self-realities and in that respect we regard these absenteeism as powers in themselves, but this represents a mistake in thought, and is precisely what leads us into the worldview, for example, love, health and abundance are the real essence, but fear, illness, and poverty represent different immunity to this essence.

But the deviations are not power in themselves, with the ability to oppose the core. We do not enter poverty into our lives, for example, where poverty is not something with its own vibration and intelligence – we could, however, deny abundance by having a lower vibration rate and ending in a secondary reality But the threat of poverty is not a loom of life that has gained consciousness of abundance and prosperity and awakened consciousness when it has been achieved, not repeated.

In the secondary reality of poverty, the way to the primary reality of abundance is the source of life by paying attention to the missing core. Because when we pay attention to, judge, and react to that poverty, as it is equal in strength to abundance, we go into deception and have lost access to the abundance area, which lives only in real life.

In relationships, when we experience others who treat us badly and judge them as malicious or unfamiliar, we interpret their lack of sensitivity and their behavior as if they were very conscious of their choices and allow their actions to be a force that threatens peace of mind and even our own respect and self-esteem. But if we were to see them with innocence, we would understand a misunderstood sensation they were reacting to and would not feel at least threatened.

The key to turning off deception and finding the way back to reality is to focus on the essence and no longer check the absences as power in itself. The benefits of doing this are many. This is covered in a second report, Transcend Duality Consciousness and Emphasis on Real Essences to Speed ​​Manifestation, which can be downloaded for free on .

Examples of essence are love, honesty, respect, persistence, hope, kindness, beauty, loyalty, passion and health. Their corresponding absence – which is mistakenly regarded as the opposite power of the two-dimensional consciousness – looks like fear, dishonesty / deceit, disrespect / deceit, enlightenment / promise, hopelessness / despair, evil, mischief, self-ignorance, vitality, and illness / illness. When we see only the essence to varying degrees, we no longer see others as dishonest, for example, but who have lost the relationship with the truth and the power that comes from that connection. And by losing true power, perceived need for fraud. In this sense, our perception is totally revised and lack of ideological formation. We see the truth and our heart can be open, and over time, our information gathering becomes.

The truth is so important to our personal evolution, power, and ability to correct the divine universal law of creation. Without it, we will be deceived and all our creations will be subject to decay and transformation. The Art of Truth and Freedom of Illusion focuses on what truth really is, where evil, fear, and less than anxiety fit into the image and how illusion is created and maintained. This article is also available free of charge on the Spirituality of Wealth website, available at .

Spiritual resource plan focuses on reality, the reality of reality, and the world view that emerges from wrong thinking in much more detail. It also provides processing exercises and energy cleaning support to help you return to the world of reality with its many blessings. To find out more about the mental resource plan, visit .

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