Strengthen and change your life with a new story

This journey called "life" can be quite interesting sometimes as you try to be the one you were supposed to be and live the life you were meant to live. Many of you are starting to notice more and are wondering what you have and you can't stop thinking the way you always have, even when you think you should know better!

When you become more and more aware of yourself and the recognition of your personal responsibility for what you are creating for your life, you can also begin the unforgettable stories you have created along the way that could keep you trapped in an undesirable state and besides living your best life. This is usually not easy.

Your stories were a very important part of your survival – you needed your stories to deal with. Your stories were a brilliant adaptation of your self to protect you from your fears. If you are somehow missing today, whether it is money, love or health, you can probably make it to your "History" or what you have chosen to believe in yourself in relation to these things up to this point. Your stories are your perception of what you are capable of or deserve, and are deeply held, and some of those faithful can keep you from the great, love and peace you desire and deserve.

For example, if your situation is that you feel stress and violence with everything you need to do every day and don't seem to have enough time or energy to "do everything" – that's probably a story (or belief) about yourself) keep you stuck in that life story. How do we forget this story? Here's the hint: You can find it in what you say about it to others. You hear yourself say, "If I don't do it myself, it won't be done right and I just have to do it anyway." Do you hear this person "story"? Another example could be someone who is doing business for himself or herself and is struggling to make sales and / or attendance. This person may be lucky to say something like "it's hard to keep business in today's economy" or "I just hate it when people try to sell me something – it knocks me off".

By monitoring your language, you can become more aware of your stories. If you change your stories, it seems to be a difficult task, because it is difficult to skip it. This is true because they served certain purposes in your life. Even though they created negativity and suffering, they justified a place in the world. They fulfilled your need for being recognized, even if it was to receive compassion or attention from others.

I love Alberto Villoldo the book "Courageous Dream". He talks about letting go of stories where you are either a victim, a bumblebee or a rescuer who keeps you alive and suffering as part of how you can choose to turn into a hero instead. This is very similar to the chapter in Eckart Tolle's book, "New Earth", which speaks of the role of the victim, the villain and your lover, yourself, agrees to seek consent. Dropping these roles allows you to work out of your bug that is in itself a journey to benefit from.

You can choose a new story and a new path, and by bringing more joy and passion for your journey – this amazing, amazing journey of life in the universe that believes in what story you want to create about it!

Happy story!


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