Telltale properties of a perfectionist

How does a perfectionist look? Bo Derek in the movie "10" will always show the image of man about what a perfect woman should look like. Movies and TV are a great way for us to explore the physical limitations of imagination.

The search for perfect physical properties will continue to keep plastic surgeons rich. But what about those of us who live with the perfectionist's personality? There are no plastic surgeons to regenerate how we think, or react to others.

There are ways we can learn to deal with.

Watch Meryl Streep play former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the upcoming movie, "Iron Lady." Thatcher won the Moniker "Iron Lady" because she had a strong moral compass about what was right and wrong in the world. She was a perfectionist who stood by her rigorous standards and worked hard with the policies she felt did not work for more good.

The film, which was already sacked by Óskar's alien runner, is an intimate image of the first and only female prime minister of Britain. Thatcher ran a tight ship and was one of the most famous and influential women of the 20th century.

Margaret Thatcher is an example of a pioneer leader who pays great attention to integrity. Perfectionists are organized, want the job right and pursue a perfect vision. They have a strong sense of right and wrong, and in order to prevent perfection, their worst nightmare is that they could lose it.

What is a perfectionist?

I am the one who thinks mistakes can offer great learning experience, but perfectionists find it hard to give them permission to be wrong. They look around and see everything that is not done right – and they refute it. This can turn to self-reliance and self-reliance if it gets too far away.

Remember that Natalie Portman originated in the movie "Black Swan." A perfectionist can feel anger when things do not turn out as they think they should.

This is a special reaction. Most perfectionists are just the stuff to point out the inability and disadvantage they care about them. Because of this, they can be very typical of themselves and those who work with them.

How does a perfectionist work?

Perfectionists see themselves as just trying to do the good with as few errors as possible. They are attracted to things that work for the better and the tasks that will help them become better people. That's why they get criticism when they see salmon standards in either themselves or others.

Here you can say whether you work or live with a perfectionist: They …

  • Don't search for shortcuts; They want to work right.
  • Like boats and lists.
  • Have a keen eye for details like bad grammar and spelling.
  • Don't have hot people skills.
  • Take great pain, and then give it to others.
  • Want to work on a custom and will tell you what it is.
  • Report inability and this bugs them.

Stephen Covey of seven fruit highly influential people writes: "Our safety comes from knowing that right principals do not change. We can rely on them. The principles are deep, fundamental truths … they are in fact, woven threads that have accuracy, consistency, beauty and strength through life's life. "

Notice how often the word" principle "comes up? Stephen Covey cares about quality and he loves a good plan. He is a perfectionist.

How to mock a perfectionist

Behavior can be the same for diverse people; it is the reason for the behavior that distinguishes us.

Let's use an example. Leaders and thinkers always prepare for meetings. Why do you want to be ready? There are several reasons, and they depend on our personality:

  • Achiever want to look good.
  • Risk-harmful reduction of fear of failure.
  • Domineering-in control
  • Analytical-having all the information.
  • However, a perfectionist wants to be prepared so that everything runs according to schedule .

I'm excellent and I find comfortable comparison – shopping for standards that allow me to look the best. For a perfectionist, however, there is only one moral standard, and it is attached to power, plans, and principles.

Listen to them

Perfectionists are remarkable leaders because they believe they lead by moral example and encourage others to live the same way. As the FBI contradictory, I discovered that many foreign spies were perfectionists. How did I know? I listened. Here are some typical comments they would make:

  • I'm a serious, unknown type of person.
  • I followed my conscience.
  • I feel like I have a judge inside my head – one who is strong and judgmental.
  • I believe that justice is right and wrong is wrong – that's all there is.
  • I don't understand why so many people have salmon standards.
  • I have to do it, or it won't be done right.

How to Encourage Perfectionist

Hillary Clinton is a perfectionist. I'm sure you know a few others. Here are some tips to help you motivate your life's perfectionists to perform at their best:

  • Combine strong values ​​with a high standard of vision.
  • Show integrity.
  • Arrange feedback from people they respect.
  • Create and maintain structure and clear powers.
  • Provide accounting and guidance – they thrive on it.
  • Give gratitude and recognition.
  • Set limits on their responsibilities so that they know they will not be mistaken.
  • Take a perfectionist as a new customer by helping them find ways to justify their actions – they don't easily change their minds.
  • Give them everything so they know what's required – they really need the rules.

History is full of perfectionists who understood their lives to do something amazing because they thought it was a higher job. Their talents are well worth our time and effort is unforgettable.

Do you think you are a perfectionist? What advice do you have to encourage others like you? What are your biggest strengths?


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