Three simple ways to experience greater joy, fulfillment, and happiness

In all the years I've worked with my personal trainer and training teacher, I always wondered how many of them believe that a lot of money will lead them to happiness, happiness, and fulfillment.

Well, I'm here to tell you: nothing could be further from the truth!

It makes me sad to see that so many of these people needed unnecessarily for disappointment, misery, and lack of enforcement. And the worst thing is: It just doesn't have to happen!

If you want to avoid this fate (and I know you do!), Here are 3 amazingly simple ways to bring more joy and satisfaction to your life.

1. Remember that your career is just a part of your life, it is not your right to life. Many will make more money to pursue it with revenge and miss critical things that cost nothing but time and concentration. People who keep their work in context and balance with other important things in their lives such as health (physical, emotional, mental), the quality of relationships they have with important others, family, children, and friends, learning and playing are generally happier and more satisfying .

Without health, it is difficult to enjoy or care for anyone. Without connection to your spouse, your children, your friends, life can be little empty.

It's not having money is bad. That is good. What can cause a lot of stress and terror is constantly making money by eliminating everything else.

2. Effective control of promises. Few things cause more stress, disappointment, frustration, anger, and frustration than broken promises. This includes the promises you make to others, the expectations you create with others, your expectations of others, and the promises of others to you.

Learn what is true promise together by agreement and how to manage a broken promise can take a long time to improve man's life to life. Accept that we are all completely imperfect human animals and we all make mistakes help. Once we have learned how to accept, forgive, release, and move forward, we have in fact managed to master important skills to be satisfied and happy.

3. Live life with gratitude. No matter how long you've been around, learning how to control your mood and emotions will greatly affect how much you enjoy life's journey.

Consider developing an exercise regularly to celebrate "blessings". "Blessings" is my term to recognize what comes to me in my life, which I have no control over. When I think of blessings, it is as if I have been touched by sunlight filled with warmth and light.

Only "thinking" of blessings can help, but the process I have found that works even better for me is to regularly write down things that come to me in my life that I have no control. When I meet this, my mood may vary greatly. Ideas like sunshine, blue sky, flowers, trees, birds, water and air … and any birds, any tree, any flower, any kind of water, are just a few examples of blessings. Did you know that there are over 300 species of horses? Unbelievable.

When you begin to recognize and acknowledge everything that comes to you, which you do not control, it is very hard to live in gratitude. My favorite is hot water in the shower. The water, the water heater, the plumbing, the plumbing, the faucet, the shower head are all that I enjoy when someone else figured out.

Few people realize that the mood they are in greatly influences their ability to take action. Moods and emotions are prerequisites for action. With my own experience and the experience of my customers, I know that managing the mood with regular occasions "blessing" is important for the joy and satisfaction of the people. And what is really good is when the mood lifts it looks like we are taking even more good things.

Initially, I started to list "blessings" because I had a hard time celebrating my achievements. At first, I fought for 40 blessings. Now I have 26 pages of 6 points made by all those who come to me that I don't have control and the list continues to grow. On a bad day I go back and look at the list with a view to see what I can add. It doesn't take long for me to be in love with all the wonderful things that come to me and my mood to change. The problems I may be working on at that time seem much smaller and more manageable.

The good news: by following these three simple ideas 1) Enjoy every aspect of life, 2) manage your promises, and 3) control your mood and feelings by celebrating your "blessings" will make a huge difference to how much pleasure you moves into your life.


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