Use of the head / heart balance, for greater health and happiness

Have you ever wondered why, some people, please look to take good care of yourself and exercise well, eat a healthy diet and go to doctors, for regular visits, sometimes have more health problems than others, Who seems to do less, on your own? While there are no simple explanations, and sometimes factors such as heritage, luck, outside forces, effects, may be the main, reducing factors / reasons, at other times, how its balance, logical and emotional part is largely, the reason. Though little might matter, in some cases, sometimes the difference between living a healthy, happy life and what is not is what we had, as a head / heart balance! With that in mind, this article will try to consider, view, review, and discuss, some of the key benefits of maintaining quality, head / heart balance.

1. You are what you think of: Henry Ford is often acknowledged by saying: Anyone who can perceive and think a person can reach . If you spend most of your time using your most physical and mental energy, worried about what you perceive as a problem, you will have to go through life, worry and unhappy! However, if you are one of the few who discern obstacles, such as challenges to overcome, he clearly holds head / mind and remains open to potential. This allows using logic, recognizing the possibilities and emphasizing what is best to do to get there! However, all jobs, and no plays, make Jack, a sad guy .

2. Your Logical Things: There are few long-term realistic choices, going through life, with rose-brown ! While being positive, one important thing, without / until, is one of his combat logic (and related facts), with his emotional gratification of needs and aspirations, rarely, what you seek. If you let your nails outweigh the positives, your total earnings, graphical, scale, weigh down, with destructive, self-reliance, avoid and delay!

3. Your emotional point of view: Shouldn't your goal, in life, enjoy, life, full of achievements, hopes, hopes, and pursuits, the best of life, possible? How is it possible, if you just notice, your physical health and avoid considering, emotional and stressful health and happiness? Is your emotional point of view, your friend, who will make you, possibly, happier and healthier, or do you want to be your own worst enemy?

There is no simple answer to this potential problem! Those who continue, through life, with head / heart balance, and care for both, continue with the best possibilities and possibilities. Take the time and try to give yourself, goals, inspiration, control, from the neck!


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