You are as young as your thoughts

Scientists these days believe that troubled fears of time may well be the cause of premature aging. It is the fear of time, not the time that has destructive consequences on our minds and our bodies. Time is infinite, and age is not a journey year, but the dawn of wisdom. While this day and age focuses on youth issues, although youths are inexperienced, lack of sensitivity and usually sudden judgment to name but a few.

Cognitive point of view on useless and irrelevant is the main reason for poor health and anxiety becoming older. There are numerous people who fear time limits and are not sure of the future; They think age is complete. You must have sympathy for someone who has no anchor, no hope and no dream or imagination. For them, life has no meaning. This type of belief causes resentment, stagnation, negativity, and a sense of despair leading to all kinds of psychosis.

Many people suffer from fear of aging. It even attacks them in their happiest moments. They struggle with being youthful. Every wrinkle and all evidence for the next few years is examined under magnifying glass and any solution they have faith in at the moment will be applied as soon as possible. All plastic surgery, all Botox, diet and exercise of all varieties will not keep you young if your subconscious is not dependent on your thoughts to be youthful.

Your subconscious will never be old … now use it to restore the time of youth. Create in your mind yourself as happy and radiant, well, peaceful, as well as powerful. Feeling about miracles, healing, self renewing the energy of your subconscious mind, moving all the way through your existence.

You get old when you stop dreaming and when you lose interest in life. Open the psyche toward new ideas, new hobbies, and allow the sunshine and inspiration of fresh truth into your being. If you are thirsty for new ideas, your body and mind will reflect this optimally at all times and you will find that your mind will keep you youthful.

Getting older is to celebrate well with the fact that every level of human existence is a step forward that has no result. Age has its own glory, splendor, and wisdom. Serenity, love, pleasure, happiness, kindness and understanding are qualities that never become old or expire and "secret" of youth is love, happiness, tranquility and laughter. Healthy laughter laughter provides psychological and spiritual benefits that you probably never imagined. You were born with the gift of laughter. Learn to laugh again.

Decide now to be happy …, discover joy in yourself. Don't hang around for someone else or something else to make you happy. Believe in your own strength and energy. Release all anxious and destructive emotions; Surround yourself with optimistic and happy people. Listen to relaxing music, read good books and go for a long walk in quiet surroundings as often as you can.

You're as youthful as you think you are. You're as powerful as you think you are. You are as valuable as you think you are. You are as youthful as your thoughts.


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