True effect of negative self-awareness

I remember asking my favorite question (how much someone would appreciate their appearance of ten) to succeed with the abundance of lights. Back the answer was that it was "only six" because he is "not as good as Tom Cruise or Richard Gere". But I didn't compare to these actors. He did. I asked him a simple question about his perception of himself. It was his own little perception of his value and his impossibility of comparing himself to others with what he has little connection, using narrow criteria of recognition, which kept him from claiming that he was also wonderful .

Many with little respect have a negative perception. This encourages them to live their lives and compare others in an unsatisfactory and unrealistic way, instead of appraising themselves with all their imperfections and recognizing their own uniqueness and strength. Not unexpectedly, they will never feel good about such immeasurable support, nor will others feel good about them as well.

The true essence of personal perception and individual bias becomes evident in the concept of leadership. There is a tendency to believe that leaders lead and followers follow and that we are personal and effective leaders (using existing criteria as guidelines), but our planned followers can have a very different perception of what leadership should be. We might think we are leading but very few could follow! It doesn't matter what sensation is right & # 39;. What matters is that we perceive and we believe. Perception is the truth in our reality. That's all we have. The fact that people can perceive the same thing differently must become an integral part of the decision-making process for all workplaces and also fully recognized domestically.

In short, if one perceives a particular position associated with him / her, then it becomes the only perception that will be initially accepted, not the perception of others, and this has great significance for social relations, workplaces and relationships. We cannot obstruct our own perception of others as their reality. It only leads to confusion, anger, resentment, and a feeling of not being heard or evaluated. The truth of all circumstances must be negotiated by individual currency . To ignore the importance of these perceptions in our lives is to ignore a major part of all the behavior that is the basis of much misunderstanding (in relationships), great prejudice (in communication) and discrimination (in work and society).


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