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Happiness – A feeling that should be for everyone

"The Referee seeks happiness from afar. – James Oppenheim

Happiness is a feeling of inner peace and satisfaction. It is usually experienced when it is not a concern, fear or obsession. We do something we love to do, or when we get, work, gain, or achieve what we value, true happiness comes only when you are light or relaxed from your mind.

There are many ways to be happy, here are some tips to bring happiness in everyday life:

1) Always try to look at the brighter side of any kind, your mind may force you to think negatively, but that is how you can control your mind. from those who lead you to think negatively and make you sad or depressed

2) Think about solutions, not problems.

3) Listen to relaxing, up

4) Watch funny videos or movies that make you laugh.

5) Try to take some time to read a few pages of inspirational book or article.

6) When you find yourself thinking about negative thoughts, start thinking about fun things.

7) Always look at what you have done and not what you have not.

8) Every day, do something that can make you feel good. It can be something, such as going to a movie, eating something you love, hanging out with friends, etc.

9) Try to make at least one person happy every day.

10) Always make happiness.

11) Do not envy people who are happy. Indeed, be happy for their happiness.

12) Try to connect with people who are happy or happy. Remember, happiness is contagious!

13) Do your best to be distracted when things do not continue the way you want. Abolition will help you relax and control your mood and response.

14) Don't take anything too personally.

15) Bros more often.

Try these few daily. Make your mind relax; Make it healthy by thinking positively. Feel happiness in every situation. This gives the courage to live a few days longer than you expect. These few tips will surely help you find inner peace in your life and you will feel happy with everything you have.


Reality versus Illusion – Real Essences and their absence

In the spirit of the resource plan, we talk about the essence and deviation. The essence is the "stations" and "# 39; spirits that are independent of our thinking and have a special vibration and intelligence. The essences form the subject of all born births. Everything in creation is based on this essence to varying degrees. core elements (called their anomalies) are self-realities and in that respect we regard these absenteeism as powers in themselves, but this represents a mistake in thought, and is precisely what leads us into the worldview, for example, love, health and abundance are the real essence, but fear, illness, and poverty represent different immunity to this essence.

But the deviations are not power in themselves, with the ability to oppose the core. We do not enter poverty into our lives, for example, where poverty is not something with its own vibration and intelligence – we could, however, deny abundance by having a lower vibration rate and ending in a secondary reality But the threat of poverty is not a loom of life that has gained consciousness of abundance and prosperity and awakened consciousness when it has been achieved, not repeated.

In the secondary reality of poverty, the way to the primary reality of abundance is the source of life by paying attention to the missing core. Because when we pay attention to, judge, and react to that poverty, as it is equal in strength to abundance, we go into deception and have lost access to the abundance area, which lives only in real life.

In relationships, when we experience others who treat us badly and judge them as malicious or unfamiliar, we interpret their lack of sensitivity and their behavior as if they were very conscious of their choices and allow their actions to be a force that threatens peace of mind and even our own respect and self-esteem. But if we were to see them with innocence, we would understand a misunderstood sensation they were reacting to and would not feel at least threatened.

The key to turning off deception and finding the way back to reality is to focus on the essence and no longer check the absences as power in itself. The benefits of doing this are many. This is covered in a second report, Transcend Duality Consciousness and Emphasis on Real Essences to Speed ​​Manifestation, which can be downloaded for free on .

Examples of essence are love, honesty, respect, persistence, hope, kindness, beauty, loyalty, passion and health. Their corresponding absence – which is mistakenly regarded as the opposite power of the two-dimensional consciousness – looks like fear, dishonesty / deceit, disrespect / deceit, enlightenment / promise, hopelessness / despair, evil, mischief, self-ignorance, vitality, and illness / illness. When we see only the essence to varying degrees, we no longer see others as dishonest, for example, but who have lost the relationship with the truth and the power that comes from that connection. And by losing true power, perceived need for fraud. In this sense, our perception is totally revised and lack of ideological formation. We see the truth and our heart can be open, and over time, our information gathering becomes.

The truth is so important to our personal evolution, power, and ability to correct the divine universal law of creation. Without it, we will be deceived and all our creations will be subject to decay and transformation. The Art of Truth and Freedom of Illusion focuses on what truth really is, where evil, fear, and less than anxiety fit into the image and how illusion is created and maintained. This article is also available free of charge on the Spirituality of Wealth website, available at .

Spiritual resource plan focuses on reality, the reality of reality, and the world view that emerges from wrong thinking in much more detail. It also provides processing exercises and energy cleaning support to help you return to the world of reality with its many blessings. To find out more about the mental resource plan, visit .

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Align your review account

Are you finding one of the most difficult home-based filing applications to do is process your check account and keep track of the views you write and the times you use your debit card? I certainly did and started it for months and months until I was so messy in my survey account, I had to close it and start a new one. I have learned my lesson and solved some problems that cause my every dissatisfaction.

I find using copy copy copy a very good idea because I have always recorded the amount of each check. Also, every time I use a debit card, I am careful to put the receipt in my checklist. This serves as a reminder for me to update my listing. No matter what type of writing method you use, it is very important that you keep track of all your transactions in your registration form.

When you get an overview of your account from the bank, place it in a place where it will not be forgotten. I usually put it with my bills to pay. So I know I will remember to reconcile my account every month. If you throw it in a strange place, you'll certainly forget to balance your account later.

Select a certain amount of time to accept your account each month is a good practice to get into. I know life can be very devastating at times and only you know when you have enough time to spend without interruption. When you are ready, collect your account statement, your checkbook, and your registry along with all ATM transactions for the previous month.
With all that said, let's get started! I'm going to do this quickly and painlessly, I promise.

CHANGES: Any cash payments that are charged to your account, including scripts, debit cards, ATMs, fees and charges.

CREDIT: All monetary items are deposited into your account, including any deposits you make and interest you may receive.
Take on the same paper and we will create a ** worksheet to use to accept your account.

Write on the first line: CHECKBOOK BALANCE: Write the balance amount you have in your account.

Write in Second Line: BANK BALANCE: Write your final balance in your bank account.
Write in the third line: CONFIRMED item: Don't write anything next to it yet.

Your work should look like this:


BANKNOTE: $ 1,230.00


Now refer to the control file by marking next to the item have been charged. You will find these items listed in your bank account. Once you have finished, go through the registry and search for items that are not marked … put "O" next to all of these items. These are your "excellent things".

Next, list all the items that have "O" next to them under the line Outstanding Items and then add them. Add a line for this total … Total excellent items.

Now your workshop will look like this: (19659002) CHAPTER BALANCE: $ 1,002.50

BANKING: $ 1,230.00


Check # 123 $ 15.00

Check # 126 125.00

Check # 130 90.00

Total Excellent Items: 230.00

Reduced Bank Balance: $ 1,000.00

The example shows that there is a discrepancy between Checkbook Balance ($ 1,002.50) and bank balance ( $ 1,000.00) of plus (+) $ 2.50. So now you have to go fishing and find out why. Ugh!

So …. Ask yourself:

Did I add or subtract correctly? You have to check.

I forgot to add an item? Check the order of the check. Is there someone missing?

I forgot to withdraw an ATM service fee? Check all your ATM deposits to ensure that you have deducted the fee.

I forgot to deduct the bank's service fee? BINGO THAT'S IT! and it was $ 2.50!

You've settled your account and you're in BALANCE with your bank!

Draw a red line below the last balance in the directory and write "In Balance and Date" so you know this is the last time your observation fee was accepted by the bank statement. Do the same on your bank account as well. Belive me; It will save a lot of headaches down the road when you have trouble trying to settle for your account. Thus, you only have to go back to the previous red line.

** Usually found behind the bank account is a workshop similar to what we have created above. You can safely use it to accept your account. Just use the same rules as described above.


Strengthen and change your life with a new story

This journey called "life" can be quite interesting sometimes as you try to be the one you were supposed to be and live the life you were meant to live. Many of you are starting to notice more and are wondering what you have and you can't stop thinking the way you always have, even when you think you should know better!

When you become more and more aware of yourself and the recognition of your personal responsibility for what you are creating for your life, you can also begin the unforgettable stories you have created along the way that could keep you trapped in an undesirable state and besides living your best life. This is usually not easy.

Your stories were a very important part of your survival – you needed your stories to deal with. Your stories were a brilliant adaptation of your self to protect you from your fears. If you are somehow missing today, whether it is money, love or health, you can probably make it to your "History" or what you have chosen to believe in yourself in relation to these things up to this point. Your stories are your perception of what you are capable of or deserve, and are deeply held, and some of those faithful can keep you from the great, love and peace you desire and deserve.

For example, if your situation is that you feel stress and violence with everything you need to do every day and don't seem to have enough time or energy to "do everything" – that's probably a story (or belief) about yourself) keep you stuck in that life story. How do we forget this story? Here's the hint: You can find it in what you say about it to others. You hear yourself say, "If I don't do it myself, it won't be done right and I just have to do it anyway." Do you hear this person "story"? Another example could be someone who is doing business for himself or herself and is struggling to make sales and / or attendance. This person may be lucky to say something like "it's hard to keep business in today's economy" or "I just hate it when people try to sell me something – it knocks me off".

By monitoring your language, you can become more aware of your stories. If you change your stories, it seems to be a difficult task, because it is difficult to skip it. This is true because they served certain purposes in your life. Even though they created negativity and suffering, they justified a place in the world. They fulfilled your need for being recognized, even if it was to receive compassion or attention from others.

I love Alberto Villoldo the book "Courageous Dream". He talks about letting go of stories where you are either a victim, a bumblebee or a rescuer who keeps you alive and suffering as part of how you can choose to turn into a hero instead. This is very similar to the chapter in Eckart Tolle's book, "New Earth", which speaks of the role of the victim, the villain and your lover, yourself, agrees to seek consent. Dropping these roles allows you to work out of your bug that is in itself a journey to benefit from.

You can choose a new story and a new path, and by bringing more joy and passion for your journey – this amazing, amazing journey of life in the universe that believes in what story you want to create about it!

Happy story!


PR, marketing and the heights of reliability, commitment and strength

In global communication and marketing, you hear a bit about the importance, value, reliability of relationships, community, importance, empowerment, simplicity of engagement and purpose. An impressive list and all important words to keep in mind. But these are all words that are overuse to point out extraneous people. It's great to say that you need to be authentic and connected with your audience, but simply by using these phrases is not enough. The trick here is that you really need to connect, which means you need to give your marketing message a thought and view the message from the consumer's point of view. I recently read that brands to be effective, they need to deal with a variety of issues, including entertainment, information, utility, award and recognition. This is all important but without consideration and context, you will not go far.

Whether you start with PR, social media or marketing campaign, your goal is to connect with the audience and to do it effectively, you need to be creative. But more than you need to know your audience, understand your needs and talk to your target language. You have to deal with problems that nail them or hold them up in the evenings. That's why when you have marketed your advertising relationships, you want to know the market well enough to provide relevant content in the right context.

Generally, there is a great deal of mask between the one who runs market participants and consumers; each has different needs and goals. The market wants to land the consumer as a customer. The consumer wants to fill the need or solve the problem. Consumers don't care about you as a marketer unless you give them a compelling reason to do so. And the only way a market can do is to think like consumers. Here's where the disconnection comes in; the market generally works backwards. Their starting point is their product or service. They then try to fill points that will lead consumers to become customers. They should actually start from the customer's point of view and work from there to figure out what the customer needs, concerns, or desires for, as well as what he or she reads, looks at, and listens to. It is only then that a business owner or marketer can develop a succinct, successful message.

Without a message associated with your audience, it will not monitor any media you use. Your message runs your media. Don't be reliable. Don't try to deceive your audience into believing that what you sell is what they need. Yes, you want to emphasize the importance, value, reliability, connectivity, community, importance, enhancement, simplicity of engagement and purpose, but (and here's the kicker) you want to do it in an genuinely appropriate way.

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Strength and equality and your finances

The slogan "girl power" has been used for decades to encourage and celebrate female empowerment, independence and confidence. The term used is most often associated with sports and employment; However, new research shows that women have to handle girlfriends when it comes to finance and budgets.

A recent study by UBS shows that 58% of women worldwide postpone long-term financial decisions to their spouses. In this study, about 3,700 high-tech companies were married to women, widows and divorce in nine countries. The results of the study showed that 85% of women were responsible for daily loans; just not in the long run.

What is very interesting is the generation limit of this survey and probably the generation most likely to allow someone else to control their decisions: millennia! Millennia is a generation known for promoting equality and empowerment. Unfortunately, the results of the survey showed that a parent millennial parent's helicopter form, because someone else is always securing their welfare, has blown into the financial system. Fifty-nine percent of women aged 20 to 34 are more likely to allow their spouse to take the lead compared to 55% of women over the age of 50. General apology from younger women is that they are "more serious than investment and financial planning", he said. Even more in contrast to gender equality is that they believe their spouse knows more about long-term finance than they do.

The challenge of this arrangement is the lack of preparation and understanding if life events such as death or divorce occur. The report revealed that 74% of the widow and divorced women surveyed reported "discovering negative financial surprise after their divorce or death." Wanted, 74% of these matched their wishes that they had been involved in long-term finances while they were married, rather than trying to navigate while dealing with such significant changes in life. "

The ideal solution is for both affiliate partners to be aware of both the short-term and long-term aspects of finance. Whether you're married, hired, corporate, or committed, budgeting is another part of creating a responsible long-term relationship between two parties "At this age, skill is really power. So be powerful, take control of your money.

As mentioned, the first step is to recognize the problem. Take the next step to address the problem.


10 things you should do to be a happy employee

There are certain things that make the employee unhappy with their work and one of the main reasons is that the employee considers unfair treatment in the office.

Ordinary issues that can be faced with may be in the office of politics, chief without good judgment, unaccommodating employees, low compensation, and ordinary office politics. Apart from those mentioned, there are other issues that can cause an employee to be dissatisfied. However, there are ways to overcome this unpleasant feeling. You can view the following things you can do to make yourself happy:

1. Avoid office politics.

Office politics is the main thing most people at work might encounter, to get away from your choice. However, you may find it useful in your end for some time, but not for the longest time.

2. Talk to people directly, especially those who misunderstood you.

It is important to keep a healthy relationship in the office – less enemies, less worried. So if you have a misunderstanding with your co-workers, it's better come as soon as possible, little talk of lunch can help.

3. Participate in the activities of the company.

If you want to know more about your business and the people around it, it would be best to take part in the tasks aimed at employee and management. This would then inform you of the dark areas of concern.

4. Get volunteers.

If you do voluntary work, you do not get anything in exchange, though the company is worthy of you and you can be reminded of the good actions you have taken.

5. Be aware of current affairs in the office.

You should know your business as well as the current issues your business is dealing with. This would help you grow with your business and keep you informed of any changes to policies, policies, and management practices.

6. Make your work at your own risk.

Personnel are expected to succeed well in every project he is given. So, it is important that you accomplish the task you received and do what you got yourself. When you do this, you do not have to teach anyone else if something goes wrong, as this can lead to incorrect communication.

7. Earn interests with your colleagues.

Your co-workers may have certain interests that you are interested in. You could talk about them for lunch or time, so you would feel a bit of some office pressure. It's fun sharing people with what you love doing the most and it gives you more joy knowing that there are some in your office who do the same.

8. Have some time for other non-office related activities.

Working, working, working, is what you always think? Well, you should have time to sit back and relax, to enjoy what life has to give.

9. Be friends in the office.

Remember that your office should not be a cage for you. Think of some kind of slave who needs to do but work. If you want to keep that job for longer, enjoy it better. Having a friend in the office would make you feel that your work environment is safer and more comfortable.

10. When someone smiles at you, you smile again.

Why is smiling backlash important? Because you have a smiley release, you have nothing to lose when you smile. Let yourself and the one you're smiling back feel comfortable in the environment, a smile will make a big difference during the day.


How to recover lost photos and restore happiness

Last week my sister returned from his trip to a foreign country. As expected, she was happy and excited about the hilt. The journey to prove Switzerland was one event in her life that she could not forget. And to preserve memories of the cherished tour, she clicked and recorded countless pictures. After leaving the trip, she organized a family to share her experiences. While all of us were together to look at the pictures, something went a little way to the camera.

As soon as my sister put the memory card in the digital camera, it showed an error and made all the pictures inaccessible. We tried and inserted the card again to view pictures but failed miserably. Unfortunately, my sister didn't even have a backup. Finally, after judging corruption on a memory card, we decided to look for profitable video software.

Before continuing with the story, however, I would free up the use of video services. These tools are designed to restore images in various data from the data listed below:

1. First aid
2. Reading / writing errors in the cameras
3. Coincidence or deliberate deletion
4. Coincidence or deliberate formatting
5. Virus attacks and many others

These programs come through storage media and scan it carefully to restore images and other multimedia files, such as audio, video, etc. These video resources are powerful for recovering images from corrupted or damaged storage media such as memory cards, memory cards, digital cameras, cameras, hard drives, USB and other removable media.

After convincing my sister that her photos could be recovered, I was looking for solid and trusted software. Recovery recovery is a comprehensive software that uses better scanning algorithms to recover lost / deleted / formatted images and other multimedia files. Because it is equipped with a simple graphical user interface, novice users can also use it efficiently. Available for both Windows and Mac users, the software recovers all image formats (JPEG, BMP, TIF, TIFF, PNG, etc.) in three easy steps: Select, Scan and Save.


Use of the head / heart balance, for greater health and happiness

Have you ever wondered why, some people, please look to take good care of yourself and exercise well, eat a healthy diet and go to doctors, for regular visits, sometimes have more health problems than others, Who seems to do less, on your own? While there are no simple explanations, and sometimes factors such as heritage, luck, outside forces, effects, may be the main, reducing factors / reasons, at other times, how its balance, logical and emotional part is largely, the reason. Though little might matter, in some cases, sometimes the difference between living a healthy, happy life and what is not is what we had, as a head / heart balance! With that in mind, this article will try to consider, view, review, and discuss, some of the key benefits of maintaining quality, head / heart balance.

1. You are what you think of: Henry Ford is often acknowledged by saying: Anyone who can perceive and think a person can reach . If you spend most of your time using your most physical and mental energy, worried about what you perceive as a problem, you will have to go through life, worry and unhappy! However, if you are one of the few who discern obstacles, such as challenges to overcome, he clearly holds head / mind and remains open to potential. This allows using logic, recognizing the possibilities and emphasizing what is best to do to get there! However, all jobs, and no plays, make Jack, a sad guy .

2. Your Logical Things: There are few long-term realistic choices, going through life, with rose-brown ! While being positive, one important thing, without / until, is one of his combat logic (and related facts), with his emotional gratification of needs and aspirations, rarely, what you seek. If you let your nails outweigh the positives, your total earnings, graphical, scale, weigh down, with destructive, self-reliance, avoid and delay!

3. Your emotional point of view: Shouldn't your goal, in life, enjoy, life, full of achievements, hopes, hopes, and pursuits, the best of life, possible? How is it possible, if you just notice, your physical health and avoid considering, emotional and stressful health and happiness? Is your emotional point of view, your friend, who will make you, possibly, happier and healthier, or do you want to be your own worst enemy?

There is no simple answer to this potential problem! Those who continue, through life, with head / heart balance, and care for both, continue with the best possibilities and possibilities. Take the time and try to give yourself, goals, inspiration, control, from the neck!


Three simple ways to experience greater joy, fulfillment, and happiness

In all the years I've worked with my personal trainer and training teacher, I always wondered how many of them believe that a lot of money will lead them to happiness, happiness, and fulfillment.

Well, I'm here to tell you: nothing could be further from the truth!

It makes me sad to see that so many of these people needed unnecessarily for disappointment, misery, and lack of enforcement. And the worst thing is: It just doesn't have to happen!

If you want to avoid this fate (and I know you do!), Here are 3 amazingly simple ways to bring more joy and satisfaction to your life.

1. Remember that your career is just a part of your life, it is not your right to life. Many will make more money to pursue it with revenge and miss critical things that cost nothing but time and concentration. People who keep their work in context and balance with other important things in their lives such as health (physical, emotional, mental), the quality of relationships they have with important others, family, children, and friends, learning and playing are generally happier and more satisfying .

Without health, it is difficult to enjoy or care for anyone. Without connection to your spouse, your children, your friends, life can be little empty.

It's not having money is bad. That is good. What can cause a lot of stress and terror is constantly making money by eliminating everything else.

2. Effective control of promises. Few things cause more stress, disappointment, frustration, anger, and frustration than broken promises. This includes the promises you make to others, the expectations you create with others, your expectations of others, and the promises of others to you.

Learn what is true promise together by agreement and how to manage a broken promise can take a long time to improve man's life to life. Accept that we are all completely imperfect human animals and we all make mistakes help. Once we have learned how to accept, forgive, release, and move forward, we have in fact managed to master important skills to be satisfied and happy.

3. Live life with gratitude. No matter how long you've been around, learning how to control your mood and emotions will greatly affect how much you enjoy life's journey.

Consider developing an exercise regularly to celebrate "blessings". "Blessings" is my term to recognize what comes to me in my life, which I have no control over. When I think of blessings, it is as if I have been touched by sunlight filled with warmth and light.

Only "thinking" of blessings can help, but the process I have found that works even better for me is to regularly write down things that come to me in my life that I have no control. When I meet this, my mood may vary greatly. Ideas like sunshine, blue sky, flowers, trees, birds, water and air … and any birds, any tree, any flower, any kind of water, are just a few examples of blessings. Did you know that there are over 300 species of horses? Unbelievable.

When you begin to recognize and acknowledge everything that comes to you, which you do not control, it is very hard to live in gratitude. My favorite is hot water in the shower. The water, the water heater, the plumbing, the plumbing, the faucet, the shower head are all that I enjoy when someone else figured out.

Few people realize that the mood they are in greatly influences their ability to take action. Moods and emotions are prerequisites for action. With my own experience and the experience of my customers, I know that managing the mood with regular occasions "blessing" is important for the joy and satisfaction of the people. And what is really good is when the mood lifts it looks like we are taking even more good things.

Initially, I started to list "blessings" because I had a hard time celebrating my achievements. At first, I fought for 40 blessings. Now I have 26 pages of 6 points made by all those who come to me that I don't have control and the list continues to grow. On a bad day I go back and look at the list with a view to see what I can add. It doesn't take long for me to be in love with all the wonderful things that come to me and my mood to change. The problems I may be working on at that time seem much smaller and more manageable.

The good news: by following these three simple ideas 1) Enjoy every aspect of life, 2) manage your promises, and 3) control your mood and feelings by celebrating your "blessings" will make a huge difference to how much pleasure you moves into your life.